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Light and atmospheric, this is a heady drama perfumed with scenes of heroin and hashish.
- Ira Cohen
A film featuring Caroline Thomson, Casey Deiss, and Vali Myers in a supporting role, with music by Geno Foreman (”Cocaine” and ”When You Hear Those Cuckoos Calling”) and rare live footage of legendary British bands.
Mere words cannot adequately describe this visual montage documenting the bohemian London drug culture of the late they shoot up, eat, talk. In the spirit of the era’s avant garde film movement and evoking the subversive work of Andy Warhol, Jack Smith, Stan Brackage, and even Dennis Hopper’s Easy Rider, Dope never spares its audience a break . . . Dope is more underground than the underground. It’s sub-underground.         -- First Provincetown International Film Festival, ‘99