Shot in the lilting, evocative style of filmmakers
Sheldon and Diane Rochlin, the film-celebrated for
its subversive content-was shown at the Whitney
Museum of American Art in 1975. Praised as a film
"ahead of its time” by Ricky Leacock, the Rochlins
signed a distribution contract with Leacock-
Pennebaker. But just as the final editing was
completed, the distribution arm of Leacock-
Pennebaker went bankrupt. The film has remained
an underground indie classic ever since.

This is a feature documentary about a young girl’s descent into drugs. Shot in late-sixties London, we see ravishing Caroline--black makeup around her eyes and tattooed head to toe--become a junkie. We come to understand not only the drug lure of the era, but also the soul of a free spirit who is caught in the grip of forces she cannot penetrate or comprehend. Like a butterfly caught in a web, Caroline struggles against her fate, but its seductive attractions threaten to vanquish her.

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 52 secs
a film by
Sheldon Rochlin and
Diane Rochlin

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